For the love!

A few months ago, in the depth of Christmas Music Season, my wife and I were having a conversation about our favorite Christmas songs. I shared that most of my favorites are specific renditions of certain Christmas songs. Of course, like you, I always tear up reminiscing about Carol Brady singing “Oh Holy Night” at the end of the Very Brady Christmas Special. But there are others on the list, too.

A couple years ago, I stumbled on a new favorite. Take a second and watch Canadian musician Sean Quigley:

So what is it about watching this video that I like so much? What is it in this video that warms my heart and shines a Linus-like spirit into My Christmas each year? It’s his joy! What a beacon of happiness! Does this guy look like he loves what he’s doing, loves his life, and is adoring each breath exhales! And by watching him shine his happiness, I’m drawn to this rendition each each. Now hold that thought.

Part of my role in the enrollment process for new students at our school involves selecting a home room and a teacher for the new students. It’s funny to me how different teachers respond differently to this news. I remember one time reviewing the file of three new incoming family members.  As I looked at current class lists and determined these students’ new homeroom teachers, I planned my trip through the elementary wing to explain to their new teachers that they would be receiving a new kiddo the next morning.  I won’t go into the details of how the first two teachers went, but I’ll just say it was the typical reaction.

What I want to focus on is teacher #3.  The conversation unfolded something like this:

Me:  “Mrs. So and So, I’m sorry to interrupt, but I wanted to let you know you’ll have a new young lady joining your class tomorrow.  I wanted to tell you before the end of the day so you could let your class know they will have a new friend in the morning.”

This is where I brace for the “I just put up a new bulletin board with my kids’ names on it!  Now I’ll have to add another one!” or “Well, I’ll need another desk in here!”

Teacher: “Great!!  That’s exciting!  Can you tell me anything about her?  Hey guy – we’re getting a new student  tomorrow morning!”

Wait.  What?!  I was thrown by how enthusiastic she was about getting the student!  Here is a teacher who already has a tough load and plenty of challenges in her personal and professional life…yet she’s completely excited to have the chance to get to know a new student!  

THAT’S who I want teaching my girls.  THAT’S who I want impacting change in our building.  THAT’S someone who exhibits the same passion, enthusiasm, and straight-up JOY that we want leading our students through academic experiences!  

Like the drummer, Sean Quigley, her love for what she does shines to those around her!  What do people say when they talk about your lasting impact?