Lost: Electronic Toy

A while back, my friend Thomas shared this creative video with me:

(Heads up: lyrics are PG-13)

As someone who has left both an iPod and digital camera on the back of my car, losing the devices (and their contents!) forever, I now do a much better job of labeling my digital devices.

In other news, I received another flash drive last week.  I’ve added the 4GB Kingston to the plethora of other flash drives I’ve acquired over the years.  With improvements to “cloud” computing and my use of my MobileMe, Dropbox, and GoogleDocs accounts, I find myself transferring files with flash drives lots less.  Nonetheless, there are still times where grabbing a flash drive is the easiest option.

That being said, how many times have you left your flash drive in a USB port and walked away?  It happens.  Usually I’m the first one back to the device and retrieve the drive.  But what if I’m not?

So this morning I came up with this idea.  Yeah, I’m sure I’m not the first.


I chose to make a PDF as it’s pretty much a universal format.


Again, I’m sure this isn’t too revolutionary, but it took all of 45 seconds to potentially save the loss of vital and/or sensitive information (like the chapter 16 presentation!).