Trying out Edublogs

Every now and then I get the urge to waste an evening or four tinkering around with blogging tools.  It usually results in frustrations by the fourth tonight and me clicking the ‘yes’ to “Are you sure you want to delete your entire account?”.

So here’s to another shot.  As I read and follow more bloggers, it becomes quickly more evident that something WordPress-based is the way to go over my loyalties to the the attractiveness of Apple’s iWeb.  Although I’d love to show off my mad Web 2.0 skills by creating a Ning or PBWorks community site, I…uh…don’t quite have the skills yet.  For now, I’ll stick with just participating and contributing to those networks…not hosting.

As with every young blogger, I face the ongoing question, “Um, what do I blog about?”.  A frequent reader of other education-based blogs and my career as a seventh grade social studies teacher gives me nothing short of a large repetoir of material.  I just want my posts to be more than an online diary.  My vision puts my blog as an online collaborative location for reflections on technology, the classroom, education reform, and leadership.