Last night was our open house for my new fifth grade class.  It went really well!  The kids have a lot of energy, their parents seem very supportive of the kids, and I’m really….really…looking forward to a great year!

As is typical with open houses, parents often want to give you a heads up on things they think the teacher should know.  “He really struggles with reading,” they say, standing in front of the child.  I usually want to reply, “Well if he didn’t before, he will now!”  I understand where they’re coming from and recognize that they’re just trying to do what they think is best for the child.

Teachers do it, too.  Each year, as I send on the kids that I’ve invested so much in, I always want to talk to their new teachers and explain what works…and what doesn’t.

But what about the fresh start?

How much information is too much information?

Exit reports and informal conversations are all aimed at providing a student with future success.  But like I said, that’s their aim.  Is that really what they achieve?  Or are they really assigning undue bagagge to an unsuspecting student hoping to turn over a fresh leaf?

Is there an answer?  What does your school do?

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