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Last June, Facebook allowed users to shorten the URL that directs friends to their individual site.  Instead of friends or potential friends having to search for a particular user using Facebook’s search feature, they could instead be directed to go directly to a friend’s page at  Essentially, it is supposed to be a time and space-saver.

With more users creating “fan” pages for everything from small businesses to community clubs to classrooms, Facebook allows the same URL shortening service if your page has 25 fans or more. The process is simple.

1.  While logged into the account associated with your fan page, visit

2.  Select your fan page from the “Page Name” drop down menu.

Facebook | Username

3.  Create a unique username and check availability.

Now you’re set to send your users to the shortened URL!  This is much easier for publications and publicity, although Facebook offers several options for electronically promoting your pages.

Feel free to visit (and “like” or “fan” or whatever we’re calling it this week) my classroom’s page at

Also look for more information from Ryan Collins’s blog on why/how teachers should create Facebook pages.

3 thoughts on “Shorten Your Facebook Fan Page URL

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  2. Brett – No, although we have a fairly liberal firewall (I only say this because YouTube is not blocked), Facebook and most of the other major social networking sites are blocked. There’s been dialoge about “whitelisting” teachers’ fan pages (which is easier with simplified URLs!) but no action has been taken yet. While this is a useful idea and would allow students to view the content on my FB page, the true power behind social networking is the ability to see/make/execute connections between content and people. Opening up Facebook at school would take some pretty heavy discussions between teachers-students regarding expectations and guidelines for school-use. Even then, it would require constant/consistent monitoring.

    Maybe one day?

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